Call for Papers


Volume 2, Issue 2 | June/July 2015

FOCUS: Reading Queer in Literature, Film and Culture

“The nineteenth-century homosexual became a personage, a past, a case history, and a childhood, in addition to being a type of life, a life form, and a morphology, with an indiscreet anatomy and possibly a mysterious physiology.” —Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality: An Introduction

“Is a “queer” history even possible? Without a doubt, queers of various sorts have existed throughout history: individuals who have challenged openly or simply lived abrasively toward notions of the sexual and social norm. …it is clear that there has always been some form of sexual activity between men and between women, though how that activity manifested itself and the ways in which it was socially castigated or tolerated have varied greatly.” —Donald E Hall, Queer Theories

Submissions are invited for the forthcoming issue of The Apollonian (Vol. 2, Issue 2) on the representations of the ‘queer’ in the various genres and sub-genres of literature, art, cinema, culture, critical theory, philosophy and history. The papers are expected to be scholarly in nature, and yet accessible to a fairly general readership.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • literature and queer theory
  • queer readings of texts
  • queer poetics/politics
  • the queer on stage/on screen
  • the queer in theory (Foucault, Butler, Sedgwick, Edelman, Halperin, and so on)
  • the queer in philosophy
  • the queer in popular culture
  • historicizing the queer
  • interrogating sexuality/gender
  • current developments in LGBTQA studies

N.B.: Among papers published in the focus section some will be selected for publication in an edited volume to be published by a reputed publisher and marketed internationally.

Deadline of Submission Extended upto 15 June, 2015

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No Publication Fee: We do not accept any fee in the name of submission, processing, publication, etc., fees nor do we pay authors for their contribution.  Our relation with the authors is purely academic.